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Our Products

Our Products

All Safe Security & Lock is devoted to providing you with the with the highest quality products, while being reasonably & competitively priced. We believe that our customers’ needs come first.

We offer a wide range of security products & security systems for residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial lock & security products.

Access Control
What is Access Controls?   Access Control Products are necessary for the safety of homes, business, buildings, and all forms of institutions. Access Control provides the ability to restrict -how- and -when- a person may enter or exit an area. Access Control Products may be used as simple as an electronic push button controlled door lock to an entire monitored building complex. pushbutton locks keypads       Do you need Access Control? The benefits of having Access Control are numerous. Imagine having the ability of having complete control of who enters and exits a door, knowing exactly when they did so, and being able to stop them at a moments notice of using that door. Access Control enables you to document and report access activity.  Even the smallest single door applications have reporting available either through a printer or through web-based access that shows an audit trail of door access activity. Mid-range and large-scale systems can provide in depth, user-defined reporting of access activity. You will immediately be able to determine who had access before and after an incident. For most homes, companies & institutions managing keys are a problem. Keys are easily lost or duplicated, and terminated employees often do not return keys. With an access system, the employer can easily delete the terminated employee’s access credentials immediately removing their access. An access credential can even be changed remotely on a certain systems. Our security experts can provide you with a reasonable and contemporary access control solution that will ease the management of your access control needs. Here’s a list of some of the different types of Access Controls that we carry:

  • Access Control Systems
  • Automatic Door Openers
  • Biometrics
  • Door Prop Alarms
  • Electronic Locks
  • Electric Strikes
  • Exit Devices & Alarms
  • Gate Access Systems
  • Key Pads & Readers
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Tele Entry & Intercom

Contact one of our security experts today to see how we can help you with access control for your business or home.

Security Locks

We Carry Every Type of Lock You Need

Medeco cylinder

All Safe Security & Lock provides lock sales, lock installations, lock replacements and lock repairs. We offer a complete line of residential, commercial, institutional & industrial lock services in Palm Beach County.

Let us evaluate the existing security of your home, office, building, or anywhere that needs protection.  We will make suggestions for upgrades or improvements allowing for your maximum security.

All Safe’s security experts are committed to improve the security of your property by offering ideas for locks & security systems to meet your security needs.


We provide a wide selection of locks that includes but not limited to:

  • Cam Locks
  • Dead Bolts
  • Desk Locks
  • Door Knobs
  • Electronic
  • High Security Locks
  • Keyless Entry
  • Mail Box Locks
  • Master Key
  • Padlocks
  • Panic Exit Devices
  • Sliding Glass Door Locks
  • Window Locks
Video Surveillance Equipment

CCTV & Video Surveillance for your property

Bullet camera

Security Systems in our homes and businesses are not a luxury, but a necessity with the rise of crime and violence in the past decade.

All Safe offers CCTV & Video Surveillance solutions for homes, businesses, commercial & institutional markets. We offer high quality systems with exceptional customer service and affordable prices.

We carry CCTV & video surveillance products from top rated manufacturers to suit all types of surveillance purposes. All Safe provides the most current and advanced technology to our customers, ensuring peace-of-mind.

cctvWe install only trusted brands which are user friendly. Whether you need 1 or 500 cameras All Safe provides the most advanced technology to meet our customers needs.


Safes for any budget  We can help you find the perfect safe suitable for your home and/or business.

Safes for Sale  We offer a full line of safes & accessories by all major manufacturers. Whether you need a floor safe, wall safe, fire safe, data safe, gun safe, high security safe, jewelry safe, or any other type of safe, we have the product that is right for you to fit your budget. If you do not see exactly what you want we can customize the safe for you!

Safe Installation & Maintenance  We service all brands of safes. These services include opening, repairing, and installing safes. We also provide combination changes and upgrades to electronic safe locks. safes for all safe   Some of the safe brands we offer:

  • Gardall
  • Hayman
  • Cobalt

Contact us today about our safe products or safe services.


Our Key Products

Have you ever gone to a hardware type of store and had your house key duplicated then got home and it didn’t work? We have customers coming in on almost a daily basis with their stories about having a key made that didn’t even fit in their lock. Experience & craftsmanship are essential components to ensure proper duplication of almost all existing keys.

Medeco Keys

Our store & trucks are equipped with the best calibrated key duplication machines, operated by trained and experienced personnel. We want to ensure that you won’t have to return a key that doesn’t fit properly. We guarantee our keys 100%.

Our key duplication services includes house keys, mailbox keys, mortise keys, safe keys, most older car keys and almost every existing key system. Please note: if a key is patent protected, a restricted key-way, or have other anti duplication devices, they must be duplicated by the Locksmith shop where the key was initially created.

Contact us today so we can answer any questions you may have about key duplication.