This article will provide you the 4 easy steps to help maintain your door locks for your home in your normal monthly home maintenance routine.

Lock Maintenance isn’t usually on a normal family maintenance “to do” list, but it really should be.  Maintaining your locks not only helps the locks to perform better, but it also may prevent you from having to pay a lot of money to a Locksmith for repairs later on.

As with all mechanical items, dirt and grime will get in to a door lock.  Without proper maintenance the lock will eventually become extremely hard to operate, or even eventually break.

Maintenance for Standard Door Locks

1.  Lubricate the Locks

Purchase TDL Blaster Dry Lube, or Lockease from a Locksmith shop, or home maintenance store. You should never use powder graphite because it will clog your lock like sand, contrary to popular belief.

2.  Insert the tube stem (included with spray)

Place the stem into the lock cylinder and spray liberally. Make sure to have paper towels handy as the dirt will be plentiful.

3.  Flush the lock

Continue to spray until you no longer see dirt and debris draining from the lock.

4.  Bolts and Latches

Make sure to also spray the bolt and/or latch on the side of the door. These are the mechanisms that actually lock the door and also need to be maintained.

Like all home maintenance, it’s important you implement regular door lock maintenance into your monthly home maintenance routine.

Following these 4 easy steps will help to ensure a longer lifetime for your door locks.

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