AMSEC ESL5 and ESL10A good practice to limit the spread of any virus is cleaning all surfaces. You probably don’t think about your safe’s lock when cleaning, but you should. The keypad can hold germs and viruses just like door knobs and handles.

It is important to make sure you clean a safe keypad properly and carefully.  Safe keypads, just like another other mechanical device, can be ruined if the cleaning is not done correctly.

Here are some precautions to perform a correct cleaning:

        • Do not use oil, grease or any other lubricant on the digital lock so you do not damage it.
        • DO NOT spray “common household cleaners” directly on the keypad.
        • a slightly damp alcohol pad or paper towel to be used to lightly wipe the keypad.

If you follow these simple tips, you will keep the keypad clean and free from viruses.

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