Your home is your most valued asset and the most common threat to your asset can be a burglary. Security alarms do not guarantee immediate response from the police, however the best thing they can do is to decrease the chances of break-ins as it will deter the thief from breaking into a house that has security alarms or limit the time of stay of the burglar in your house.

Home owners are more interested in knowing the response time the security companies assure by their security alarms. To that end experts suggest that security alarms play a major role in scaring and thwarting the burglars away rather than prompting a speedy reaction from the police. Response from police varies from city to city, so a security company cannot guarantee how fast the police will reach your house, but it can guarantee that crime will be highly deterred and the loss that you might face due to a burglary will be exceedingly limited and reduced.

The Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice situated in Newark, New Jersey has reported on the basis of a study performed by them that an increase in the number of security alarms in residential houses resulted in a substantial decrease in the number of burglaries that used to take place during a five year period. Another study by famous researcher Joseph Kuhns that was done with the help of the Dept of Criminal Justice & Criminology at the University of North Carolina situated in Charlotte, said that when the researcher interviewed 422 burglars who were arrested about their reaction to security alarms at home, it was found that 83% burglars first try to find out if the house possesses a security alarm system before breaking into the house. Almost half of the burglars reported that they would avoid houses that had security systems.

So, it can be clearly said that alarms have a high capability to deter break-ins. They do not guarantee that each and every break-in will be deterred, but they will substantially limit the time the burglars could spend in your house.

However, while purchasing security alarms to prevent break-ins, the buyer must test the security company’s records, products specifications, and their longevity before making decisions on hiring their service. This is extremely important as their have plenty of cases when the security company has played a role in the burglaries.

Nevertheless, a security alarm is a must if you love your house and want it to be safe from the threat of burglars.

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