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Have you ever gone to a hardware type of store and had your house key duplicated then got home and it didn’t work? We have customers coming in on almost a daily basis with their stories about having a key made that didn’t even fit in their lock. Experience & craftsmanship are essential components to ensure proper duplication of almost all existing keys.

Our store & trucks are equipped with the best calibrated key duplication machines, operated by trained and experienced personnel. We want to ensure that you won’t have to return a key that doesn’t fit properly. We guarantee our keys 100%.

Key Duplication

Our key duplication services includes house keys, mailbox keys, mortise keys, safe keys, most older car keys and almost every existing key system. Please note: if a key is patent protected, a restricted key-way, or have other anti duplication devices, they must be duplicated by the Locksmith shop where the key was initially created.

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