What goes on in the mind of a burglar, many will wonder. Well, there is only one way to find out, talking to them. This will definitely not be easy, but will answer the questions many of us have had for ages. An interview with a few of them revealed what they want in your house, how they go about house break-ins and what he would be doing in your house the time he is there. He goes ahead to say that the reason why he has not been put behind bars is because people often make it easy for him to break into their houses without realizing it.

What do they look for?

These burglars do not just pick any house in the area. They have to scout the area and identify their next target. They will not appear in any suspicious manner but as the people you trust and can easily let into your house such as electricians, phone repair men or even plumbers. They usually make their rounds during the day when most people are at work. They look for houses which:

  • Have high fences such that the neighbors will not be able to see them as they break in.
  • Plenty of vegetation or trees around the house that cover the better part of the house encourages burglary too.
  • Have toys in the playground which means there are children in the house hence there is also a mother. Female presence means that there is a high possibility that there is jewelry in the house for them to steal.
  • Clear glass doors which makes it easy for them to take a look inside your house as they pretend to pin flyers there.

How do they break in?

  • They know on the door just to check if anyone is home. If there is, they come up with some fake story on why they are there. If no one answers the door, it means the home is unmanned.
  • If no one is home, they check if the back and front door is locked. If they all are, they will look for a key hidden somewhere like under the door mat or in a nearby flower pot. If none of this works, then they smash the nearest window.
  • They might also get into the house through the window opened with a craw bar.
  • Some doors can also be opened with the craw bar too.
  • If they cannot be able to get into the house in a few minutes, they will move to the next as the more they stay there, the greater the chances of them being caught.

What they do inside the house

  • First, they search the master bedroom for money, jewelry and any other valuables.
  • They look under the bed and closet too for any hidden cabinets for valuable.
  • Moreover, they must always listen to anything outside like someone approaching the house or a vehicle pulling over at the drive way.
  • They also go to the bathrooms for any pills, kitchen and living room for electronics.
  • Finally, they call the backup driver for an easy getaway.

It takes a few minutes for them to complete the act. With this knowledge, there are several things you can do in the process of protecting your home from being the next target.

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