losing your keys Many of us have been locked out of our houses a lot of times but what is even worse is the risk of losing the key itself. People face many challenges before they’re actually in a position to step back inside their homes. While some people have spare keys hidden in an alternate place in case of scenarios like these that they probably predicted prior to it happening, the rest missed to create a backup option or an override. It is very common for people to forget their keys in their jacket pockets or leave them on the table, there surely is a way to tackle and solve this issue.

Given below is a list of steps that could be followed in order to face the key loss crisis more efficiently.

  • Recalling your past and most recent activity: Reiterating the last performed activity helps recalling the possible places you’d have probably misplaced your keys at. Hence always retrace the last place and try to think of the last time you saw the keys. Redialing the last few places visited to query regarding any keys that you left behind is a very useful tool in these cases. It is easy and more importantly time saving.
  • Notify the neighbors: Letting your neighbors know of the lost key incident is a very effective method to keep a watch on your house until you’re back. The neighbors will be at a lookout for any suspicious strangers lurking around your house and will inform you the same.
  • Implementing new locks: This is a very important step as this solves about the entire problem. Changing the lock now renders the old lost key useless. Although if you lost multiple keys at ones that were stacked in to one key chain, this method could be potentially expensive but is a safe and a permanent solution to the trouble at hand.

Losing a key or more than one key can be very stressful and very inconvenient as your belongings are at a risk of being taken away. While it surely is a menace, the above mentioned steps can at least help you tackle the problem more easily and more conveniently while making sure that nothing valuable is lost. Staying calm is the first step to solving the problem.
photo credit: March Challenge Day 26_key 20 via photopin (license)

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